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Helps / Weshop's value added services

Weshop offers insurance for your valuable items against loss, damage during shipment and all other problems under inspection coverage. 

The insurance cost is 3% of the total value of item cost (including seller’s shipping fee).

The compensation is capped at 1.5 times of the product cost, limited to $2,000 (PHP 94,000), includes:

  • Full amount of item cost;
  • International shipping fee and WeShop’s service fee, not more than 50% of item cost.

Cover is limited to the declared value, replacement cost, invoice value or actual cash value whichever is the lowest. For items without insurance purchased, Weshop offers free compensation up to $100 (PHP 4,800) per parcel.

E.g. In unfortunate case, the parcel is lost or damaged:

Product cost


International Shipping Fee


WeShop’s service fee 


Total cost


Actual refund (PHP)

w/o insurance

w insurance









Pls remember that: 

  • Damage on items is commonly caused by improper packaging provided by the sellers. We are not responsible or liable for any damage found in the parcel when the external packaging has no damage mark upon delivery. If you are able to find damage to the external packaging upon delivery or collection, you will have to reject the parcel immediately.
  • There is no insurance guarantee for Fragile or Special Care items: We advise you not to order Fragile or Special Care items. However, if you need to ship Fragile or Special Care items, please ensure proper packaging by the Merchant. We do repack fragile or breakable items and label the package with fragile stickers as your request with some fee of charge, but there is no insurance guarantee for those items. 
  • There is no insurance guarantee under the No-Repacking setting in the account preference setting: If the shipment is inadequately packed, we will automatically repack it for you for added protection and security. If you don't wish for your shipments to be repacked, you can set that preference in your account, but there is no insurance guarantee under that setting.
  • There is no insurance guarantee against damage caused during transportation to used or second-hand goods.